We are a Christ-centered, volunteer empowered organization
focused on effective solutions for those of our community in crisis,
providing them the opportunity to change their lives for good.

MSMH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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How to Donate

We have now partnered with Blackbaud Merchant Services to provide a secure link for online donations. There is a $5 minimum, due to associated processing fees. You will be receiving an email confirmation of your donation. Please use this receipt for any tax deduction purposes.

MSMH has completed rennovations in our kitchen to help us meet the needs of the Thursday evening pot-luck and worship/teaching service. Especially during the summers, many of our volunteer cooks are on vacation, so we very much like to get frozen casseroles in place to serve as back-ups. If you work with a troop or a group that might take an interest in serving the homeless and destitute, please suggest cooking caseroles as a community service project. For more information, just contact Curtis Lovett at (281) 833-3512 or write to

We can also use gift cards from grocery stores for our Thursday night fellowship, to purchase drinks and paper goods. We are happy to receive these in any amount from HEB, Krogers, Sam's, Costco's, or any other major chain readily accessible in town.

Throughout the year, we collect items for our Manna Bags (small bags of non-perishable food items which we use to assist those we send on long bus trips, so that they will have something to eat while they are traveling to their destination). Each quart-sized ZipLock bag holds a granola bar and snack-size apple sauce, a small can of Vienna sausages, and a pack of peanut-butter-filled cheese crackers, with a box juice drink. Clients can make two meals from each bag (granola-apple sauce breakfast and sausage-crackers lunch)and along with a water bottle, have enough food to make it through most of a day. We also include a small devotional piece.

Hygiene Bags are another popular client item. These bags are given to homeless men or women, and contain sample-sized containers of deodorant, shampoo, cream rinse, toothpaste, and soap, along with a toothbrush, comb and/or brush, and a clean pair of socks.

Perhaps you have a Sunday school class or Scout troop that would like to purchase items and/or assemble bags? If so, please contact Bill White by emailing or call him at (281) 833-3503.

To discuss other donation opportunities (in-kind items, pledges, one-time gifts, monthly contributions, etc.), contact Tommy Thompson by writing
or calling (281) 833-3501. Thank you!