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What to Bring

When you come to Operation ID to obtain a birth certificate and / or a Texas identification card or driver's license, you MUST HAVE a written referral, on letterhead, from another agency that may be assisting you in some other way. The agency can be a church, shelter, community service organization, job search agency, etc. You also MUST HAVE the co-pay amount for each item requested. The co-pays are:

$11 for a Texas birth certificate
$7 for an out-of-state birth certificate
$16 for a Texas driver's license
$7 for a Texas identification card

The co-pay can be met either by you or by the referring agency (however, if the referring agency is asking to be billed, they MUST HAVE an account set up with Operation ID).

We also ask that you bring ALL official documents in your name that you have in your possession. In general, original and/or certified documents are required. In some cases we can work with copies, but not always. Although this list is not all-inclusive, some examples are:

an original / certified copy of your birth certificate
school records (transcripts) and / or diploma(s)
voter's registration card
Medicare or Social Security card
Social Security print-out (if you do not have a card)
employer ID
paycheck stub or W-2 form
marriage license or divorce decree
TDCJ photo ID, parole and / or release papers
a recent hospital release form or doctor bill
utility bill with your name and address
military service record
U.S. passport

We ask you to bring such varied items because each state's documentation requirements are different, in order to issue a birth certificate. Also the Texas Department of Public Safety document requirements for a Texas identification card vary depending upon if and when you had a Texas ID or driver's license previously.

We realize that this all sounds like a very confusing situation -- and it can be! In addition, various government offices are constantly changing their requirements. But that is why you may need our help to complete your request. We look forward to serving you!