About Main Street Ministries


Main Street Ministries Houston is dedicated to sharing the love of Christ and empowering our community's most vulnerable to experience stability, purpose and renewal.

We are a Christian community that seeks to love our neighbors, deepen our faith and enrich our city by helping vulnerable community members build stable, meaningful lives.  Most of the men, women and families we serve have experienced challenges related to cycles of poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, and incarceration.  Serving one another in love and grace, we discover purpose and hope that lead us all to our fullest God-given potential.



Main Street Ministries Houston was established in 2009 to unite and strengthen Operation ID and Shepherd’s Center, two long-running, volunteer outreach ministries of First Presbyterian Church Houston.  Both ministries were founded by FPC members whose concern for the growing needs of the poor and homeless on Main Street led them to action.  These grass roots efforts began with a few compassionate friends meeting at church, armed with a folding table, great faith, and a desire to help others.  Over the past three decades, by God’s grace, those efforts have blossomed into Main Street Ministries, a multifaceted center of faith and restoration that touches the lives of thousands in our community each year.

In the past few years, our support has expanded beyond the emergency relief of our first ministry efforts.  We now provide even greater opportunities for participants to develop skills and beliefs that can empower them to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to their families and communities. 

In 2011, MSM expanded opportunities for faith development through Holy Ground by offering Bible studies, recovery meetings, worship services and relational discipleship.  Shortly thereafter, a key partnership was formed with The Work Faith Connection, to bring their top quality employment program to our campus.

In January of 2017, MSM launched Family HOPE, an initiative to provide families at imminent risk of homelessness with the opportunity to stabilize their family, and create a solid foundation that can lead them to a more stable, meaningful future.



MSM offers a new narrative to the discouraged, a profound truth that inspires hope and transforms lives.  Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we believe that every person is created with the gifts, abilities, and capacity to make decisions and to effect change in the world.  We believe that God´s love and acceptance is not based upon human accomplishments or failures, but upon His character and what He has done on our behalf.  Our programs are designed to embody God’s love and grace, encourage faith, and provide tangible supports that empower participants to grow to their fullest potential and be good stewards of all areas of their lives.



Volunteers are the heart of MSM.  More than three decades after the Operation ID pioneers first began to serve the homeless on Main Street, volunteers continue to be the hands and feet of our ministry.  Each person's part is unique - from prayer support to food prep, hospitality to data entry - yet we come together as one body to accomplish our mission. 

Each year, our dedicated volunteers commit around 13,000 hours of service to provide the tools and encouragement to transform lives and to make our community a better place for all.  We are so thankful for each and every person who has been called to be a part of our ministry team!