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A homeless man, a breast cancer patient, a middle school student, a mourning widow, an unemployed Harvard grad, a full time caregiver, a stay-at-home mom, a master gardener. These are just some of the many people who have experienced God's healing and restoration and found purpose and community through the MSM garden.

The MSM garden provides a space where people from different life events, stages, and ages can come together.  Jenny Sommers, the MSM Garden manages reflects, "I often think of the garden as a sacred space where people can engage each in their own unique way.  Many times in life we find ourselves in between "here and there" but few of us have a safe, supportive place to rest and refocus during these times.  The garden has provided a landing space where people can connect with God and others in these times of transition.  As we share our lives and experiences, work in the garden together and share meals, we are opened to a new awareness of Him and His truths that help us all to heal and grow."

Here are just a few of the many journeys that have crossed paths in the MSM Garden: 

A man who was homeless began volunteering regularly in the garden.  This experience eventually led him to take a much bigger step by committing to a year long reahabilitation program to rebuild his life.

A women from across the globe who was participating in a clinical trian at MD Anderson spent long periods of time in Houston.  She found was able to stay active and healthy by volunteering in the garden, a place where she found community and purpose even in a city far away from her family and home.

In periods of anxiety, depression and mourning of a loved one, the garden has been a place of beauty and healing for many volunteers.

Many who are between jobs, whether college gradutes looking for their first job, older adults transitioning to new employment or people who have recently transitioned to Houston or others who have struggled to maintain employment have found a place of support and encouragement during this time of transition.

Retirees that make a weekly committment stay active and healthy from regular contact with God's creation and the physical activity of tending the garden.

Youth from FPC that volunteer on a monthly basis experience hands-on lessons of stewardship, urban farming, and creation care as they work in fellowship together while beign exposed to some of the challenges people face in our "own backyard."

Come join us in the garden and allow God to touch your life as together we cultivate our love for God, our neighbors, and the rest of His beautiful creation!