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For most people, a birth certificate is something taken for granted.  But not for Lavoice Gray, whose birth was never properly registered.  For him, a clerical error has brought about a lifetime of challenges, including gaining and maintaining employment.  
Last year, after losing another job for lack of proper documentation, he reached out to MSM's Operation ID for help.   For the next several months, OpID's director Phil Pierce, helped Lavoice navigate the complex process of filing for a delayed birth record.  
Finally, last week, all the work paid off.  For the first time in his life, Lavoice was given an official birth record with his correct name and birth date.  
When asked what this meant to him, Lavoice responded, "this means the means that I can get a TWIC card and go back to my job.  Wow, you really did this for me.  I appreciate it."   
Operation ID brings new hope and opportunities to hundreds of people, like Lavoice, each month by helping them obtain BCs and state issued IDs.  These tangible acts of love are nothing less than life-changing for many; an important step toward a new life.
OpID is currently in need of volunteers to help in our administrative offices.    If you are looking for a meaningful way to make a difference, we invite you to join our incredible team!  Contact for more info.