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Last month, I had the opportunity to meet a vibrant young mother who was referred to Operation ID by the Salvation Army Family Residence Shelter. She explained to me that she had a job lined up, but needed a Texas ID and an out-of state birth certificate to complete the employment requirements.  Then she mentioned that her potential employer had made it clear that they could only hold the position open for her for a short period of time.  

When I learned the state she was born in, my heart sunk; I knew that the typical response time to obtain a Birth Certificate was a month or more; far too long for her to sercure the job.  I felt compelled to see if there was another option. Upon further investigation - reading some fine print and speaking with a representative at that state's vital records office - I discovered that an expidited option was available if persued by an attorney. Perhaps it was little coincidnce that I, the only liscenced attorney on our volunteer team, was the person assigned to helping her. 

By providing pro bono legal representation, we were able to acquire her birth certificate through an expedited option available via the Internet.  Her document arrived by corrier in two days, and we were able to deliver it to her at the shelter where she was living with her child.

Within the week, she was working and a big step closer to moving her family toward stability.  She sent a “THANK YOU!!!” text sharing the news and added “I’m going to do my best and then much more.” 


Director’s Notes:  God's hand in this process was so clear, aligning all of the details to bring about a successful result...  It all came together according to His plan.