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In Februrary, MSM was blessed to welcome 12 new families into our Family Hope program.  Together, they began a six-month journey of self-reflection and investigation that will ultimately equip them to build a more stable, hopeful future for their families.  

Family Hope strengthens families who are at risk of homelessness by temporarily assisting to meet their  basic needs while equipping them to focus on long-term change.  Through Family HOPE, parents become messengers of hope to encourage their children and others in their community to believe in and grow to their fullest, God-given potential. 

While parents participate in an interactive workshop, our amazing volunteers invest time with their children through meaningful play including games, reading, crafts and more.

 You can help change the future of an entire family.  Join our team of play pals, uplifters, and sherpherds and experience the joy of meaningful service.    More info