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Getting out of poverty is no easy task.  Too often, people who grow up in under-resourced communities are never given tools that can lead them toward a more stable, prosperous future.  

At Main Street Ministries, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to grow to their fullest, God-given potential.  So, we offer programs  like Getting Ahead that support holistic growth and faith development.  This 45-hour workshop empowers individuals to build a plan for personal and community development while forming peer networks that can provide crucial support during the difficult process of change.

In Getting Ahead, participants are acknowledged as problem solvers and guided through a sequenced learning process to set goals and create a game plan for a positive future.  Together, through investigation and discussion, they learn to avoid common pitfalls to those transitioning out of poverty while building up financial, emotional, social, and other resources necessary for growth.   

Last month at MSM, a class of 13 men and women from diverse backgrounds embarked, together, on this life-changing journey of self-discovery and personal growth.  Stay tuned to hear about their new, future stories as they unfold!