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Imagine you made a mistake that landed you in jail.  You served your time and learned from your mistakes, and now you are ready to return to life outside the "gated community."

After getting out and taking your first steps to reintegrate into society, it doesn't take long for you to learn that there is very little hope or help.  Most employers won’t hire you. Most landlords won’t rent to you. Nobody trusts you. You are lost, alone, and have nowhere to turn. 

This is where MSM comes in.

MSM believes that everyone should have a place in our community were they can contribute in a meaningful way.  We believe that opportunities for growth should be available to all, no matter your past. In fact, the trials of our past are often what forge the greatest strengths we come to offer in our future.

An ID is often the first step to healthy reintegration.

Our city and communities are made safer, healthier, and stronger when we reduce barriers to former prisoners reentering society.   In our world today, a photo ID has become a basic need; it provides access to nearly all aspects of business and social life.  For many it is their first step to rebuilding their lives.

Maybe the bars you have been behind have involved homelessness, addiction or poverty.  If you are ready for change and in need of support for the journey, MSM is here for you.


Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Our dedicated volunteers have provided ID assistance to the Houston community for over three decades. We can assist you in gathering the documentation, completing the forms and providing funding for your official state-issued ID so that you can focus on getting a job, securing housing, enrolling your kids in school or other life stabilizing goals.

If you do not have the required paperwork to apply, we will help you track down the secondary and supporting documents you need.  We encourage you to work first with your sending agency to gather as many of these documents as possible to speed up the process.

Supporting documents could include, but are not limited to: Birth certificate, social security records, school records, medical records, or voter's registration card.  

If you  are seeking financial support for your ID, you must present a referral letter from an approved partner agency in order to receive identification assistance.

For more information, please leave us a voicemail at (281) 833-3508 and your call will be returned on our next working day.



We collaborate with other 501 (c) 3 organizations who provide support that empowers individuals to improve their situation.  Our assistance is intended to help individuals who are unable to pay the required fees on their own.