Our Services

We offer many programs for support and assistance.

Shepherd's Center
Housing and Employment Assistance

Monday & Wednesday 9:00 am to Noon

Shepherd’s Center financial assistance is designed to provide short term basic needs support to individuals and families who find themselves in crisis situations who have no other place to turn and who desire to make a change in their life. The Shepherd’s Center goal is to provide support, solutions & plans for sustainability and self-sufficiency empowering individuals and families to live stable and healthy, acquiring the means to meet their and their loved ones basic needs. Financial assistance could include rent, utilities, transportation, ID documents, employment services, basic needs and collaborative financial support with other local agencies or ministries.

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Holy Ground
Life Skills and Spiritual Formation

Monday - Thursday 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Holy Ground is dedicated to caring for Houston's neediest- both physically and spiritually. Through shared meals, fellowship, Biblical teaching, life-skills and character building classes, we build relationships with men and women who are homeless, or who are recovering from homelessness. Together we learn to trust Christ in all aspects of our lives and grow to our god given potential.

The Holy Ground garden ministry exists to plant seeds for change in the lives of those who participate in it. This change occurs though work, fellowship, nourishment, worship and accountability. Through the garden apprenticeship program, clients form trustworthy relationships and acquire the skills required to maintain a garden and to take steps toward a more stable, healthy life.

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Operation I.D.
Identification Assistance

Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am to 11:30 am

Operation ID is an outreach program that helps individuals meet the costs and navigate the difficulties of obtaining valid identification for the purposes of odtaining employment and housing. With the help of trained volunteers and agency resources we are able to help many less fortunate in an impactful and unique way.

Operation ID has been providing assistance to disadvantaged Houstonian's for over 30 years in order that they may obtain their legal identification documents. We receive referrals from over 30 local agencies and help 7000 clients annually. OpID assists the homeless, the indigents and those recently released from prison to regain the documentation necessary to verify their identity so that they may begin to transition back into society. Without a birth certificate and photo ID it is not possible to obtain a job, housing, open credit, social services, enroll children in school or open a bank account. Volunteers at Operation ID interview clients and help them obtain these documents and any others necessary to accomplish that.