Our Services

At MSM we believe that financial resources are just one of a variety of resources a person or community needs to develop stability and foster growth.  

We offer financial assistance for basic needs in conjuction with other support services that can best empower community members to avoid homelessness, achieve stability, and move towards sustainability.

Through our collaborative partnerships, we also offer Financial Coaching opportunites to individuals intertested in learning more about and improving their financial health and habits.


Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' By World (“Getting Ahead”) is a 4-month program to help individuals build their own personal plan to get out of poverty and create sustainability.  Participant have the opportunity to:

  • Take charge of their lives
  • Complete a self-assessment of their own resources (including financial, emotional, social) and make plans to build them
  • Develop a series of mental models to examine their own lives and create new future stories
  • Help stabilize their lives
  • Investigate the impact that poverty has had on themselves and their community broken into 10 modules
  • Use this information to build resources for a better life and community

Full "Getting Ahead" Program Description

This Hurricane Harvey recovery project was funded in part by a grant from the American Red Cross. 

Family Hope

After completion of Getting Ahead, families are invited to participate in an additional 4-months of support as they work to realize their personal plan for stability and sustainability.  During this time, they are able to engage in financial coaching,  parenting classes, couseling or other support services that can help them reach and maintain their goals.

Full "Family Hope" Program Description


Disaster Assistance

MSM has played a vital role in helping hundreds of families rebuild their lives after losing their jobs, their homes or their belongings in Hurricane Harvey.  

"If it had not been for the support we have received from Main Street Ministries, we would have lost hope and given up a long time ago."

In addition to Emergency Finanacial Assisstance and resource navigation, we continue to offer programs that help survivors develope skills, resources, and support that can lead to a more stable future.

Learn more about MSM's Harvey Relief work 


Gap Financial Assistance

At MSM, we believe that everybody needs help from time to time; we know that sometimes, a little support can help us bridge a gap and keep life from unraveling.  

If you have experienced an unforseen crisis and are in need of temporary support, we offer one-on-one support and short-term financial assistance to help you avoid homelessness, achieve stability, and move towards sustainability.


How to Schedule an Appointment

We primarily provide appointments upon referrals from community partners who are offering valuable support services including: employment support, education, goal oriented case management, re-entry support, transitional living, and substance abuse recovery programs.

If you are an agency intertested in partnership, please contact us at assist@msmhouston.org or by calling our message line 281-833-3504.

If you are not currently enrolled in a personal development program, you may request an appointment if you are able to demonstrate a financial plan to cover your basic monthly expenses after assistance.  Space is limited.  In order to make an appointment, please call 281-833-3504.


What to Expect

You will meet with a volunteer team who will listen to your goals, help you to assess your situation and determine what resouces can best help you achieve your goals - whether financial assistance, enrollment in a development program, or referral to another support agency.  Having an appointment does not guarantee qualification for financial assistance.

What to Bring

Individuals seeking assistance should bring the following:

  • Valid Identification
  • Social Security Card
  • Any documents such as rental leases, past due notices, utility bills, & bills.
  • Verification of Income (Including Current SSI Award letters and/or pay stubs).

In order to assess your need and our potential assistance you must bring the above referenced documents. You may be required to return with proper documentation before we can assist you.



For questions on eligibility and/or the referral process please email assist@msmhouston.org or call 281-833-3504.